It’s been a while…


I had put the project on the back burner to deal with some life stuff instead. Recently went and sampled some foam in person to get an idea of how I want the seat/seat back to feel. Looks like I’ll be buying the pieces this Saturday. In the mean time I got a couple cheap sheets of foam from the grocery store (weird) and tested them on the foot rest. I’ll use what I bought even though it’s probably not gonna last a long time. Eventually I might re-do it with foam+batting but for now I have two 1″ pieces of foam (different firmness) which I’ll be wrapping in the new fabric tonight. We’ll see how it works..

I should have taken more photos of everything – I’m putting pieces back together but I’m not 100% sure it’s the proper way to re-assemble lol. This is going to be interesting. I mean – I had planned it to be different than original.. just hope it goes back together ok.

On a side note – I finally used my staple gun for the first time. I forgot it was electric when I was taking it out of the package. It’s got some kick back to it so you have to hold it down otherwise the staples won’t enter into the wood far enough. It’s a pretty solid/hard wood too so other pieces might need less force when stapling. The staple gun can be dangerous – I’ve misfired about 3 or 4 staples already because it’s on a hair trigger. I haven’t found where 2 of them went.