Continued work..

Got a little lazy and let the pieces sit around for a while. Last night I finished the removal of the seat cushion and measured that and the seat back. Pretty damn crooked is what it looks like. Could be 30 years of compression on different parts or just that’s how it’s done at the factory. Who knows! I’ll probably measure the distance between the arms just in case near the front and back to see if it tapers like the cushions indicate. I know it doesn’t have to be perfect but it’ll really bother me if I don’t get it uniform in the final product.

This is more time consuming than I thought it would be to re-do all of the cushions and upholstery. Lots of little pieces of material and stuff everywhere. I already forgot where one piece went since I wasn’t really paying attention on account of the explosion of disintegrated foam/fabric all over me and I didn’t take photos of that part. Oops.  An odd triangle shaped piece of foam too. Stupid foam.

I’ll submit for a quote probably tonight for the cushion pieces – need to measure the misc bits on the foot pad and the arm rests. I’ll probably end up doing the foot part first since it’s small and contained. That should be a good test. Maybe I’ll set up my laptop and webcam to record the rest of the disassembly as well – make it easier to see how it was taken apart. In the end I knew the re-assembly was not going to follow the disassembly since I’m changing the style of the seat back.  The material is different in style as well so I’m not hugely concerned with how it was taken apart as long as it looks good going back together.


Damn I’m wordy.