Materials purchased so far.

So, when I first started this project I had pretty much nothing required to reupholster a chair (including the chair). Here is what I’ve acquired so far:

  • La-Z-Boy chair: FREE (pretty beat up 30 year old recliner from Craigslist)
  • Staple gun with 1/2″ and 1/4″ staples. I went with a Craftsman brand gun using free points I had with Sears. Good reviews and a decent price.
  • Multi-tool. I haven’t actually used it yet since I picked it up *after* I finished removing the staples from the seat back. I had purchased it a while ago but it took long time to ship to store for pickup from Walmart. It has a tool that should work good on it.
  • Fabric (8 yards). I did a lot of looking around online and some looking in stores for an inexpensive type of fabric. Good durable fabric was expensive and microfibers were pretty much the least expensive that I could find. I had decided on gambling with an eBay purchase of microfiber fabric but ran across a local company selling fabric at an awesome price instead when I was randomly searching Craigslist. They’re a Portland, OR based company called Affordable RV’ing. Most fabrics are $5/yard with some of the premium faux? leather fabric at $10/yard. I ended up with a durable but comfortable feeling black fabric. I also had a coupon.
  • Almost forgot – button tufting needles and button kit (14 button set though I won’t need that much). Think I spent $12 – $15 on that.

Out of pocket so far? ~$50 (not counting fuel costs) and some of these materials won’t all be used up / are reusable. The major expense will be the cushion and batting. The existing stuff really needs to go as it’s 30 years old and doesn’t smell fresh. It’s also chewed up a little. I’m going to try and source the materials from a local company in Portland first but I do have some online sites bookmarked. I’m pretty clueless on what kind of foam I could use from local stores. I do know I’ll need a firmer cushion for the seat since most of my weight will be placed there. The seat back will have more give / softer foam I guess. This is why I’m going to get a quote on two pieces of pre-cut cushion. The rest I can cut myself and will probably just need a set length I’ll cut. Might end up buying an electric knife for that – especially if I do more projects in the future. The featured image is the fabric I picked up (the black material).