In the beginning…

Current status of THE CHAIR:

  • Chair found.
  • Fabric bought.
  • Chair begin stripping (ooh la la!)

At this point I’m partially done with stripping the chair. I’ve removed all of the upholstery and padding from the seat back which is detachable. The condition of the frame is good and there is only slight rusting on the metal pieces. I’m not really concerned with it. The next step is to continue stripping the rest of the recliner which I’ve been putting off – I’ll probably remove the seat itself tonight though as that should only require a couple more screws or something to be removed. Once I have that done I’ll measure the cushions and submit them to a local foam company and see what kind of pricing they can provide. I’d like to keep the costs low so I probably won’t be using the highest quality foam I can buy but I’ll still get something decent.

There are a couple other areas with foam like the arms of the chair which I might measure and submit for pricing as well. Those pieces should be easy to measure. At this point I’ll consider modifying the original design possibly – dunno.

Other things to consider:

Once I fully strip the recliner I will see if it makes sense to install a built-in power strip and usb charging thing. They make 3 outlet/2 usb outlet power surges which could work really well. I’m thinking of adding that to the left side of the recliner near the bottom rear of that side. I’ll need help with the fabric in that area or not.. I did see one that had a screw on the back for installing permanently on a wall outlet. Hmm that could work. I’m also thinking of adding some kind of audio solution and possibly a mounting bracket for a tablet/laptop (that might just be crazy though).


Will post photos of progress so far soon.